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Standard Services

Regular cleanings by a     Registered Dental Hygienist


Expanded Hours for easy appointments and Emergencies


Emergencies and New patients WELCOME


Implants placed in office for


     Loose Dentures or


     Missing Teeth




Tooth colored fillings


Root Canals


Digital X-Rays (80% Less Radiation than Conventional)


List of Services



BIOSMILE is a great choice for simple fillings, cleanings, dentures, or complicated cosmetic or implant dentistry. James Klusmier, DDS uses the finest materials and latest techniques giving you and your family optimum results.

BIOSMILE John Day is located in the heart of downtown John Day, 1 block from the 395/26 junction.

BIOSMILE was founded on the principle that care needs to be taken with the materials and techniques used in dentistry. Biosmile strives to stay abreast of current research on biocompatibility  of dental materials and proven techniques in the ever changing field of dentistry. Beyond the care taken to insure patients receive excellent care and skillful dentistry, Biosmile offers a repository for current research related to biocompatibility and proven techniques for dental professionals and the public at www.biosmile.org.

BIOSMILE  In these times we are all feeling the need to cut costs just to survive. Despite these challenging economic times BIOSMILE is dedicated to quality and affordable dentistry. We balance quality workmanship and materials that will last a long time and the need to keep prices affordable so you can get the care you need. This is extremely difficult but be assured this is the number one concern in our minds.