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Table of Contents 

  1. How do you remove amalgam fillings ?
  2. Are all dental materials biocompatible ?
  3. I am allergic to "everything", will your materials be ok for me ?
  4. Do you place implants yourself or refer me out ?
  5. Do You Straighten Teeth ?
  6. I Snore. What Doctors deal with this problem?
  7. I hate x-rays. Do I have to have them?
  8. Are you a "cosmetic" dentist ?

How do you remove amalgam fillings ?

We use the IAOMT protocol.  Amalgam Removal

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Are all dental materials biocompatible ?

No. Many cheaper crowns contain nickle which MANY people are allergic to.

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I am allergic to "everything", will your materials be ok for me ?

Most Likely. It is very difficult to be 100% sure materials we use regularly will be totally non-allergenic. Although there is no sure test of long term biocompatibility, we offer the option of the Clifford test if you are extremely allergic to materials.

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Do you place implants yourself or refer me out ?

It depends. In some very complicated cases it is necessary to use a team approach involving specialists to obtain the optimum results. Otherwise I place them myself.

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Do You Straighten Teeth ?

Yes. We are a certified provider for Invisalign. We also do minor tooth movements for adults with teeth that have "drifted". We also do interceptive cases for young children to eliminate or reduce the need for braces later on.

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I Snore. What Doctors deal with this problem? It depends. Snoring can be a complicated problem, even with life threatening complications! We will do an initial evaluation and either help in our office or refer you to the proper specialist.

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I hate x-rays. Do I have to have them?

Yes. A visual inspection only reveals the most advanced problems. We prefer to intercept problems early to minimize damage to teeth and maintain optimal oral health.

We have reduced the amount of radiation by over 80%*. You get more radiation from a walk on a sunny day or sleepinfg next to your spouse for a year than you get from check up x-rays! A cross-country trip in a jet is far more exposure than a full set of x-rays! We must have the proper x-rays to insure your heaIth. Period.

With today's technology there is no excuse not to have proper x-rays taken. 

*compared with D speed film

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Are you a "cosmetic" dentist ?

NO! There is  no such specialty! All our restorations are exceptionally esthetic. I am a dentist...my job is to restore teeth that LOOK like TEETH and FUNCTION like TEETH. I can't imagine doing UN-cosmetic dentistry!! Our technicians are excellent, we are current on the lastest advancements in dental materials, and we don't quit until you are happy with the look of teeth we are restoring. ANY dentist can call themselves a "Cosmetic Dentist". Be careful....ask what "qualifications" the dentist has to call himself a cosmetic dentist. The following is the list of recognized specialties that require Board Certification;

Endodontics (Root Canals)

Periodontics (Gum and Bone surgery)

Pedodontics (Children's Dentist)

Orthodontics (Braces)

Prosthodontics (Complicated Reconstructions)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Oral Surgeons)

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (Head and Neck X-ray Diagnosis)

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (Head and Neck Diseases)

Dental Public Health (Public Health Concerns)